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Google´s Open Source radio protocol on 6LoWPAN at a glance

Features of Googles Radio protocol 868 / 915 MHz instead of 2400 MHz Frequency hopping instead of Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum like 802.15.4 Licence free 6LoWPAN instead of ZigBee Open source instead of proprietary Advantage of Google´s Radio protocol Better coverage in buildings End-to-end security if they use IPsec Proven standard IPv6 plus 6LoWPAN No […]

Will Google’s Open Source Radio protocol on 6LoWPAN replace ZigBee and Z-Wave?

Google promised to release open source code for a 868/915 MHz wireless mesh protocol. It will be a low cost alternative to Zigbee or Z-Wave. It shall require less than 16 Kbytes RAM and 32 Kbytes flash. The target of the bill of material is 30 percent less than Zigbee Pro. The Google protocol will […]

M2M and Wireless at CeBIT 2011. Who has a need for tickets?

CeBIT 2011 offers  a lot of M2M and Wireless related topics plus similar topics. I will stay at CeBIT the whole week. Who has interest to meet at CeBIT and to share knowledge and know-how? For tickets just send an e-mail by using the form here or by e-mail to harald.naumann (at) gsm-modem.de. Smart Home […]