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IoT M2M Cookbook

How to develop a device based on wireless modules Table of contents 1    Why to write the IoT / M2M Cookbook?    5 2    Fundamental considerations before starting the IoT / M2M project    5 3    Certifications and approvals    6 3.1    Examples for Radio approvals in EU and US    6 3.2    Examples for Radio approvals in US   […]

IoT and M2M – Meetup on 6th of May 2014 – Zurich

About IoT Meetup group in Zurich The Internet of Things is connecting us all. We should connect in person, in the real world, as well as digitally! This meetup group is for everyone who is interested in doing projects and publishing their data using IoT tools and platforms. I will talk 25 minutes about the […]

IoT M2M Cookbook abstract in the news

April 2014 @ M2M Journal The example of a locating device based on cellular modules (GSM, HSPA, LTE) and GNSS modules (GPS, Glonass, All Galileo) explains how to develop a complex IoT / M2M-device with embedded antennas. The person, who has to develop a telemetry device, ignores the part of GNSS. The 20 years […]

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