GPS Module with intregrated GPS patch antenna

GPS module characteristics

GPS moduleThis combined  GPS antenna module has high sensitivity, low power and ultra small form factor. This GPS module has SiRF Star III inside and can provide you superior sensitivity and performance even in urban canyon and dense foliage environment. The integrated GPS patch antenna makes the GPS module easy and the best choice to integrate into portable device like mobile phone, PDAs, camera and people trackers. Based on its integrated antenna you save space on PCB and interference with GSM/UMTS antenna. The SMT mounting on PCB saves costs for connectors and manual work.

This GPS module offers the advantages as below

Ultra small size designed for tiny applications

Tracking (people, animals, assets), container tracking, vehicle tracking, PDA, POS terminal, Personal positioning and navigation, automotive navigation, marine navigation

Block diagram of GPS module with integrated GPS patch antenna

Based on the embedded SAW filters you get a high protection against the GSM bursts. The GPS module will not interfere with the 2 Watt power level of GSM.

GPS module schematics

GPS module features


GPS module dimensions



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