Vehicle Tracking Device VTU

Vehicke Tracking DeviceThe vehicle tracking device VTU is the total security protection and fleet management solution. By using the latest GPS and  GSM technology to protect and monitor your car, truck, bike, boat (or moveable asset) virtually anywhere and then locate it to within a few metres.
The device incorporates a covertly installed module (which works and communicates independently) but has the ability to run in conjunction with your local GSM network (DTMF, voice message, SMS, GPRS or GSM modem call).
The tracking centre operator monitors your vehicle 24 hours per day for unauthorised intrusion, theft, accident, breakdown, panic/assistance, vehicle movement or breach of a predefined "Geo -fence" boundary. The operator can then perform numerous tasks including; engine immobilisation, unlock doors, advise the police or dispatch security response.

Vehicle tracking device features

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