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Hypothetical example

In order to illustrate the requirement of resources to develop computer assisted mapping for census and survey operations, below is a hypothetical example with rough input estimations. We may conjure up a country with population of about 10 million people which has about ten 1st order administrative divisions and about 20,000 EAs. Let s further assume that the hierarchical administrative structure of the country is: division (10), department (200), district (1,000). To process, one can first implement applications at the division level. On average, each division has 20 departments, each department has 5 districts and each district has 20 EAs. The number and complexity of maps needed will therefore be:

- 1 country map showing boundaries of 10 divisions and 200 departments;

- 10 division maps, each map showing boundaries of 20 departments and 100 districts;

- 1,000 large scale district maps, each map having all necessary details for the delineation of 20 EAs.

Staff requirement: to carry out this operation, it is estimated that a staff of about 22 persons will be needed, divided in 5 groups of 4 each with 2 supervisors (staff are from the data processing and Equipment requirement: 20 PCs, 5 scanners, and 5 digitizing tablets.

Time: 10 months.

On average, each group of 4 staff with 4 PCs will process a geographical database of about 20 large scale district maps per month.

Source: Computerized cartographic work for censuses and  surveys 1 by Sam Suharto Specialist in population census  methods and Duy Man Vu Project coordinator, Computer software and  support for population activities Statistics Division 2 United Nations,  New York

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