Raster map covert to vector map

Rasters maps let convert itself  with special  software in vector maps. The software makes it easier often many steps and saves time. A manual work however often is necessary. In rasters maps (satellite-photos) are contained no names of the streets. Such information and points of interest must be added by hand to it.

Good software supports also this map segments (satellite photo) compose from single to a big interrelated map. Reverse it is sometimes to share necessarily big maps into small segments (mosaics).

Also scanned maps can serve as basis. After scanning, a correction is necessary as first all the time since it is impossible to scan all segments equally.  With satellite photo as well as  pictures made from airplanes, a correction is necessary, since our earth is a ellipsoid and no disk. Satellite photos however often can correct is acquired already.

R2V is a software which according to description a multiplicity of necessary functions possesses. In order to be able to serve however such software is complex, basic knowledge in the geodetic is necessary.

R2V shows quite descriptively on the home page with practical examples however which possibilities exist. Since there is a demo version, the risk to loose money is very low. Many of the distributors of R2V will may be offer to covert maps from raster in vector maps or know third parties that offers such services.

Link: http://www.ablesw.com/r2v/index.html


Text from R2V homepage:

Image Formats

 Images in TIFF, GeoTIFF, JPEG, BMP, GIF and RLC formats. R2V supports most image types, including 1-bit bi-level, 8-bit gray scale and colour images (4-bit, 8-bit and 24-bit). Most TIFF image compression’s are supported. No software limit for image sizes. Also supports satellite image formats using R2V's raw image import function. Geo-reference your raster image in R2V and save to GeoTIFF format.

Vector Export / Import

 ArcView (Shape file), Arc/Info Generate, DXF, MapInfo (MIF/MID), MapGuide SDL, 3D grid file, 3D DEM (compatible with USGS DEM) and 3D XYZ vector file formats. More vector file formats are being added.

Test report of 12 different raster to vector software


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