Why to use a GSM tester?

Products based on GSM modules are most time developed under standard conditions in a laboratory. The RF conditions are often very good, because the GSM coverage is well, but what will happen if the GSM base station gives the command to the GSM module to transmit with 2 Watt power?
Is your ground plane big enough? Is your power supply able to support the GSM module with 2 Ampere current peaks? Is the power supply able to support the GSM module with this high current a longer period? Are the RF parameters during 2 Watt power still OK? This questions and a lot of more can be answered by using of a GSM tester.
What will happen by lowest field strange? Is the sensitivity and the bit error rate still OK or damage the “noise” of your switched power supply the sensitivity? Is the crystal of your micro controller or the data bus of your micro controller placed on wrong place?

All this questions and a lot of more you can answer and  by using of GSM testers.

Simple GSM tester

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Enhanced GSM Module Tester

GSM testerFeatures GSM module Tester

GSM Phone Checker Software for simple and enhanced GSM tester

Simple Go/NoGo tool, which allows the user to test a GSM 850/900/1800/1900 or dual-band phone automatically, without even knowing the type of phone or test procedures.

GSM tester

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