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6LoWPAN question: A Low power, what is it good for? Just a waste of time. Everything was already set.

This question came in this morning by comment to a previous post. We’ve been talking of the Internet-of-Things for years, but we forgot to inform our engineers how it will work. The website of the engineer who commented is showing medical applications. I am able to connect all their equipment to my WIFI network easily. […]

Why paying for complier, licence fee, property rights, antennas, schematics and code? Today: Trailer detection by active RFID

Reference design trailer detection for OBU One Board Unit by using active RFID Description of the trailer detection by active RFID At the trailer is a 2400 MHz transceiver working as active RFID tag and it transmits its unique ID each few seconds. By selecting the duty cycle the standby time of the battery will […]

Invitation to Bluetooth Low Energy user seminar in Berlin – 19.05.2011

Usually I write in English at this web-blog. The test as below is in German language however, as the lecturers at this “Bluetooth Low Energy Seminar” will speak in German on this day. My topic will be: Smart Home by Smart Phone – Bluetooth Low Energy product family µBlue and alternatives I cordially invite you […]