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IOT, AVL, Smart Home, AAL, M2M and M2M2P on Arduino

IOT – AVL  Smart Home – AAL -M2M – M2M2P Name it what ever you like. In the end the device will need some kind of micro controller to run your code. Google selected the Arduino and its clones for the Android@Home. All of Microchip Arduino Clones comes with Android accesory libaries. Table with Arduino´s […]

Microchip microcontrollers for M2M and Smart Home

Microchip uC PIC32MX795F512L and PIC24FJ256GB110 Why this two out of hundreds nice Microchip uCs or others suppliers? PIC32MX795F512L is the high end of Microchip with most features, Flash RAM and ROM PIC32MX795F512L comes with 80 MIPS, 2 CAN, 1 LIN, 6 UARTS … (more at table as below) PIC32MX795F512L is a 32-Bit uC and available […]