Why paying for complier, licence fee, property rights, antennas, schematics and code? Today: Trailer detection by active RFID

Reference design trailer detection for OBU One Board Unit by using active RFID Description of the trailer detection by active RFID At the trailer is a 2400 MHz transceiver working as active RFID tag and it transmits its unique ID each few seconds. By selecting the duty cycle the standby time of the battery will […]

M2M module: Embedded Linux, ARM9, GPRS module, USB and further Interfaces

Today I would like to show and to talk about a new Linux based application for wireless M2M. The PCB is already in use in several projects. Based on its enclosure it can be used as a final product for end users. It supports a lot of interfaces like SD card / MMC card, GPIO Pins , AD / DA converter, UARTs, USB Device, USB Host, I2C, SPI and JTAG. At GPIO you will find PMW (Pulse Wide Modulation), counters and other intelligent channels.

Reference design for RFID temperature data logger

With  a data logger reference design based on the 64-Kbit Dual Interface EEPROM (M24LR64), a low power Microcontroller (STM8L101) and a digital temperature sensor (STTS75) you can develop your data logger quick and easy. It measures temperature, and offers an RF access to the data of the application thanks to the ISO15693 interface of the […]

Can you believe? RFID tranponder, EEPROM, temperature sensor, RTC, digital logic- all in one chip

This chip is real amazing, because it is all in one.  You just need an RFID antenna, what could be a PCB track and a battery. The rest will be done by the logic inside. If temperature logging is not enough, then you can add external sensors  interface. Right now there is a humunity sensor […]

Is this an EEPROM with RFID transponder or a RFID transponder with EEPROM?

The M24LR64 is an electrically-erasable memory (EEPROM) that can also be programmed wirelessly by industry standard RFID (radio-frequency ID) equipment. Using the M24LR64 for program or data storage provides extra flexibility for customers, allowing software updates or specific parameters to be applied in the supply chain. With an easy implementation based on two industry standard […]