Close to 100 German cities got NB-IoT coverage – Captain N.B. episode 4

Close to 100 German cities got NB-IoT coverage –

#LPWAN status scanned by Captain N.B.

#LPWAN status scanned by Captain N.B.

Ground Control to the #LPWAN shuttle: “Captain N.B. you worked hard today. Within 24 hours, you made a basic scan of the LPWAN coverage in Germany. You found close to hundred cities with NB-IoT coverage. Please be so kind and provide us with some more details about the green, yellow and red dots.

Thx for the upload of the locations to Google Maps:

Over and Out.

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Who is who in the LPWAN adventure:

As the captain of the space shuttle #LPWAN N.B boldly leads his crew to the outlying regions of the (mostly) nice blue planet called Earth where no man expected to find a wireless network before. Often, the recurring characters of S. and L.W. support him in reaching his mission goal on the proviso that they are not asked to wear a red shirt. The Ground Control (from where it also talks to Major Tom) has its base in the rooms of #akorIoT ( The leaders of Ground Control are W.0. and H.N. Captain N.B. and his Ground Control team often have conflicts and misunderstandings, because N.B. is independent-minded and does not always follow the orders of W.0. and H.N. taking the Kirk Kobayashi Maru hack as an example to follow.


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