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Recall of the posting in 2011: IPv6 Packets over Bluetooth Low Energy. What a nice digital future?

The low power variant of Bluetooth is commonly specified in revision 4.0 of the Bluetooth specifications and commonly refered to as Bluetooth 4.0. This document describes how IPv6 is transported over Bluetooth Low Energy using 6LoWPAN techniques. Read more here:
And the feedback on the posting:
> This seems a remarkably good way of turning Bluetooth Low Energy into Bluetooth Pretty High Energy!!
> #IPv6 over LE has many issues with efficiency (as well as security) and goes against the design spirit and assumptions of Bluetooth Low Energy.
> > The doctor can access to the sensors at my body and there will be no security problem
>How does the sensor know the device asking for the sensor data is “your doctor”? What do you think you do not get without IPv6 to the sensor?
>It would be crazy to burden a tiny end device like a glucometer with IPsec or TLS! Or UDP/IP. BLE provides all the transport protocol needed.

>’ll be recommending that my clients do not use IPv6 for BLE sensors, and that the deployment of IPSec onto peripherals is un-needed, complex, high cost end-end.

And 2,5 years later we welcome IPv6 at BLE 4.1. In the meantime we have IPv6 on PLC PowerLine Communication as well.

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