PTCRB approval

GSM and 3G M2M applications supporting North American 2G/3G networks require PTCRB approval (PTCRB Type Certification Review Board) in order to be accepted by the network operators in US and Canada. PTCRB approval ensures a M2M device is compliant with the appropriate technological standards, regulatory requirements and certain operator requirements (e.g. Over-the-Air performance test).

The PTCRB approval includes:

  • Conformance Testing for 2G/2.5G Technologies
  • Conformance Testing for 3G Technologies
  • TTY and SIM/USIM Testing
  • Application Enabler (AE): MMS, PoC, VT
  • TRP & TIS Measurements (Over-the-Air Performance Tests)
  • Radiated Spurious Emissions Testing
  • Specific Absorption Rate (SAR)
  • FCC & IC Testing and Approval

The listed 2G and 3G modules at website are PTCRB pre approved. Anyhow the Over-the-Air Performance is interfered by the antenna and ground plane you will use for your M2M application.

Updated: 2010-05-07 — 6:45 AM

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