Phone jammer detector

What is a Phone Jammer?

A phone jammer totally paralyses, rendering inoperative, all kinds of mobile and portable phones working in the GSM bands.

The solution: Phone jammer detector

The unique, embedded Jamming Detect & Report feature allows all our GSM modules to detect the presence of a disturbing device such as a phone jammer and gives a hardware and software indication of the event.

How does the phone jammer detector work?

Any GSM module / phone registers to one base station but will also “see” a lot of other neighbouring cells as well. With our embedded detector you can detect a jammer by noise level and the number of disturbed neighbouring cells. If the GSM module detects a jammer then it will set the GPIO hardware output pin from LOW to HIGH and also send the message “JAMMED” to the serial port. The decetor is controlled by inbuilt AT commands. The micro controller on your PCB can detect the output pin or the message ”Jammed” on UART and then switch on the horn and/or lights of the car.

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