NB-IoT and Sigfox comparison – cost per year and cost per byte

The cheapest price for NB-IoT in Germany is currently one Euro per year. For one Euro per year you get 50 MBytes Upload or Download. The price applies to GPRS, UMTS and shortly LTE-M. In contrast you get 140 messages with 12 bytes in the upload and 4 messages with 8 bytes in the download per day at Sigfox for ten Euros per year. This corresponds to a total of 624,880 bytes per annum. Therefore 1 MByte with Sigfox cost 16.78 Euro or 1678 Euro Cents. With NB-IoT a Mbyte costs 2 cents (0.02 Euro). Sigfox is therefore 839 times more expensive than NB-IoT.

14 reasons whyNB-IoT is better than Sigfox

14 reasons why NB-IoT is better than Sigfox – click to enlarge

Summary price comparison NB-IoT with Sigfox

Sigfox is cheap, but NB-IoT, GPRS and UMTS is cheaper. With Sigfox you do not get a reasonable download and have to pay a lot of money for it.

Remark of the author

I originally wanted to explain the first ten reasons why NB-IoT is better than Sigfox in detail, before I published this table and graphic. But since the subject of price was raised by readers after the first show graphic, I preferred to write about price. I am happy to respond to wishes and hints. Next I will  return to the first graphic and explain the topics in detail.

10 reasons why NB-IoT is better than Sigfox is here.

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