How much energy can be harvested by the NFC-EEprom M24LRxy?

The latest generation of the NFC-EEprom offers a pin for Energy Harvesting. Our team made some life tests. The test conditions were:

  • NFC reader based on CR95HF (PCB out of the evaluation kit)
  • Selection of 100 mW by demo software on PC

Result of the NFC test

  • 8,5 mA by a reading distance of 1 mm
  • The data sheet tells max. 5 mA only
NFC evaluation kit

NFC evaluation kit

The video on Youtube is showing much more energy harvesting. Nevertheless, nobody is telling the energy harvesting by smartphone (e.g. Samsung S3, Google Nexus 4). Anyhow, each smartphone with NFC will be able to drive an M24LRxy including an MCU and peripheries behind. Worst case you have to wait one or two seconds longer to get your answer by NFC.

You would like to embed an EEprom with NFC /RFID interface on your PCB? If yes, just drop an email to harald.naumann (at) .

Updated: 2013-03-04 — 9:48 PM

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