IoT & M2M at electronica 2014

Do you have a wireless project? Do you plan a re-design? Do you want to reduce the costs of your IoT / M2M application?

Your answer is “yes” to one of these questions – then let us meet at
Electronica in Munich – the place to go. You can find me in Hall A4 Booth 342 at Compotek / Tekmodul from 11-14th of Nov 2014 .

Touch and see  the latest IoT / M2M  technologies like:

  • Simulation of a GSM PCB Antenna for M2M IoT replica out of my Cookbook
  • Touch PCB of IoT / M2M projects simulated antenna out of the book
  • Inexpensive, small, pin-compatible 2G, 3G, 4G, GPS and Glonass modules
  • Cost-effective, extremely small Bluetooth Low Energy modules
  • Bluetooth Low Energy Beacon for indoor locating
  • BLE beacons as a key fob and bracelet
  • Reference designs to build your own device on BLE

Until 12/31/14 I am consultant and author of the first IoT M2M Cookbook. With beginning of January 2015 I will be in charge as Sales Director for Tekmodul GmbH. Tekmodul and its parent company Compotek are companies with a comprehensive range of wireless products.

In addition to the above mentioned techniques NFC, Wi-Fi, RFID, classic Bluetooth, ZigBee, 6LoWPAN, Wireless M-Bus and further is covered. If a discrete circuit design is necessary, then you can get ICs, crystals, SAW filters and antennas from a single source.

The Bluetooth Low Energy range above is the best example. You get BLE beacons, key fobs and bracelets or even inexpensive BLE modules or the reference designs. You can buy and use or, if desired, you can rebuild and change it.

When it comes to a radio approval or an own antenna design, I will be happy to help and advice as always.

I look forward to meeting you. I am also happy on any wireless project request and any recommendation. Do not hesitate to ask for an appointment by email to harald.naumann (at) or call/text to +49-152-33877687.

With best regards
Harald Naumann

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