Wireless M-Bus module

A wireless M-Bus module on 868 MHz for communication between meters for gas, water, heating or electricity and concentrators.


Wireless M-bus module

The high sensitivity provides a range of up to 2 km. The wireless M-Bus module comes with LGA mounting technology. With its ultra-low power (< 1 µA in standby) it supports a long battery life and less maintenance requirements. This wireless M-Bus module comes with interfaces like RS232 and helps with digital / analogue inputs and outputs as well.

In good old Germany, from 2010 onwards, new buildings are required to be equipped with smart meters. Some of this will be based on wireless M-Bus module.
From 2018 this will be relevant to all buildings. The goal is to encourage consumers to be more energy-conscious by giving them detailed and real-time information about their energy usage.

The idea is not too bad, if such smart meters with wireless M-Bus module will have an open source interface. What I need is an alarm to my smart phone in living room, when the radio is on in kitchen or light is on in basement. My wish is just the wireless M-Bus module that will migrate to a wireless smart meter with open source interface. I will keep you posted if my dream will be real.

In the meantime I will be able to support you with evaluation kits for wireless M-Bus module only. If you are interested in, then just send an email to harald.naumann@gsm-modem.de

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