How to use a wireless charger in your M2M application?

Wireless chargers for everybody

This new ICs are real amazing. With such a charging electronic it is easy to develop a waterproofed device like:

  • Wireless chargers for GSM/GPS Tracking of Alzheimer patients
  • Wireless chargers for GSM/GPS Tracking of motor bikes
  • Wireless chargers GSM/GPS Tracking  for yachtsmen or skiers
  • or just to pass ATEX approvals

The list of all members you get at .  Do not waste money. The member list contains companies that offers the final charger. Your part is to select the semiconductor and the coil inside your enclosure only. The other imported parts will be an embedded GSM and GPS antenna plus the right GSM / GPS modules.

Nobody shall reinvent the wheel. I am glad to share my long term M2M experience with my customers. If you are not sure which parts to select, then everybody can reach me easy by email to harald.naumann (at) or by using the form and ask for a concept, development up to mass production. It could be an one stop buying including dedicated support.

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