Home Automation on Google TV box

As promised some days ago, the video about the Google TV box in Home Automation is ready.

On 22th. of May the wireless road-show will start in Dortmund. In Dortmund we will show the home automation application on Google TV box live. Developers that are interested in can get 1 to 3 days trainings on Wireless M2M free of charge. Nevertheless the 3 days training you can book for Berlin later on as well.

22 – 24th. of May in Dortmund and 25 – 27th. of Sep. in Berlin
Form for registration: http://www.box.com/s/lakuesy1po/1/247810095/1928331089/1
Please excuse that the text at registration form is in German language. All lessons are in English.

  • Day 1: Positioning: GPS, Glonass, Galileo, Beidou, WIFI, Bluetooth Smart and GSM cell locating
  • Day 2: Controlled by Smartphone: WIFI, ANT+, Bluetooth Smart, NFC, GPRS, HSPA
  • Day 3: Internet of Things

The further step in home automation is the creating of rapid prototyping hardware. Some piece of hardware, that can be easy copied or redesigned. My home is full covered by WIFI. I already bought a small WIFI powered webcam on Monday. This camera offers email, FTP and DynDNS. It could be a part of the home automation project later on. Other topic is the drainage pump at my home. Shall I monitor it with by WIFI or by some meshed ISM network on 868 MHz? I am not sure. On WIFI I am ready fast. On 868 MHz I can save power. Anyhow, I will keep you posted.

Who can´t make it to stay in Dortmund or Berlin has the freedom to ask for an appointment at local office. Last but not least, I can help with webinars on the topics you want. Just drop an email to harald.naumann (at) gsm-modem.de and tell me your wishes.


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  1. What happened to the video? It says it has been deleted by user. Have you uploaded elsewhere?

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