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Arduino Mega GSM GPRS GPS Shield

the extension module for GSM / GPRS and GPS

Arduino Mega GSM GPS shield

Arduino Mega GSM GPRS GPS kit including:

  • GSM/GPRS/GPS-Shield
  • Arduino board “Mega 2560”
  • GSM antenna
  • GPS antenna as patch on shield
  • Accessories for rework
  • Power supply

Software pack (available for download) including:

  • A library to use the GSM/GPRS/GPS-Shield
  • Example program for usage of the GSM and GPS module
  • Design and schematic of the Arduino board and GSM/GPRS/GPS-Shield

System requirements

  • Arduino board Mega 2560 (ATmega2560)
  • SIM card (Pre-paid or contract)


  • Arduino development environment
  • USB interface
  • Windows / Mac OS X / Linux: 32 or 64 bit

Arduino Mega GSM GPRS GPS shield as glance


  • Operating voltage: 5VDC … 9VDC
  • 54 digital in- and outputs
  • 14 analogue inputs


  • Integrated GSM GPRS module
  • Internal supply voltage: 4,2V
  • Can be operated with pre-paid (pay as you go) or contract SIM cards of any provider, no SIM lock
  • Control via the serial interface (TTL level)


  • integrated GPS Sirfstar 4 module
  • internal supply: 3.3V

Manufacturing and Product Development of the GSM/GPRS/GPS-Shield “Made in Germany”, i. e. unlike many other products in computer equipment, we provide a long time availability.

More details about the Arduino GSM GPRS GPS Shield , offer or proforma invoice after sending an  email
harald.naumann (at)


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  1. Estimated Euro 180 incl the Arduino and the shield and German tax. You are outside Germany. Maybe there is no tax to charge. Nevertheless be surpriced on the further Arduino shields that will be listed in my blog soon. All shields are made by business friends or suppliers. The new shields will support the origin Arduino and the Arduino clones as well. Origin Arduino is on 5 Volt. All clones like the version of Microchip is running on 3 Volt.

  2. Hi, I’m very intersted in this kit!
    Is possible to use a datalogger shield with this module? Where I can order the Kit?
    Best regards

  3. Hi Alessandro, an origin Arduino has 1 UART and 1 SPI. Both is in use with this shield. There is a new generation of shields in process with:

    – Support of 3 Volt and 5 Volt. All Arduino clones are on 3 Volt. 5 Volts shields will not run on 3 Volt
    – The UART is wired to GSM module. The SPI is wired to GPS module plus multiplexer on UART and SPI. We are able to make sandwiches or several fields together.
    – OBDII / CAN-Bus shield

    Arduino (or Arduino clone) + GSM/GPS-Shield + OBDII-shield = your application.

    With some hardware skills you will be able to wire a standard shield with datalogger to the SPI multiplexer.
    Take care that shields can use the same pins and this can generate conficts.

    Datalogger on Arduino

    Regarding the order I will come back to you by email.
    Best regards

  4. Yes, by my business friends and some retailers. I am the Field Application Engineer only. My job is consulting of bigger wireless projects. The new chipKit of Microchip plus the new GSM/GPS shield is a cheap and powerful playground for several of my wireless projects.

  5. Pls email me the details on how to order it “Arduino Mega GSM GPRS GPS Shield”

  6. Sir how can we purchase the item and how many days will it be delivered..?

  7. Just send an email and tell the country where you are living. The GSM/GPS adapters are in stock in Germany. Sooner or later some other shops will offer it as well.

  8. Hello,
    does this shield complaint to the FCC regulatory ?
    Is it valid the certification from Telit (GSM module ) or it need to be certified ?

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