M-Bus Master Unit GSS-134 – One more device to reach the goal of 50 billion IoT devices

Some people talk about IoT. My customer do IoT. In this case, it is an IoT device in metering again. The M-Bus Master Unit GSS-134 of Pikkerton is on Quectel GSM module M66 and got a replaceable battery pack. It can run easily without longer installation effort.

M-Bus master unit

M-Bus master unit

M-Bus master interfaces:

  • M-Bus Master Unit, 20 Standard Loads
  • 4x PT1000 Temperature Sensor Cables, external
  • 2x Pulse Counter / Dry Contact Monitoring

For challenging RF environments, an antenna cable can be connected to the RP-SMA connector instead of the stubby helical antenna. With 5600 mAh standard capacity, safe and reliable operation is ensured for several years. The device is highly optimized for ultra-low power operation. The normal power consumption is only a few micro amps. Unused peripherals and device parts are switched off consequently.

The M-Bus master GSS-134 is as many other designs prepared to run on NB-IoT later on.

This article gained your interest. Are you interested in more details about this unique device? Do you plan a redesign of a wireless IoT device? Are you just unhappy with the antenna performance of your IoT device? Is your answer YES? Then do not hesitate to drop an email to harald.naumann (at) lte-modem.com.

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