Wireless camera

Wireless GPRS camera based on embedded Linux

wireless cameraPeople who want to keep an eye on their valuable possessions round the clock are either constantly on the go or leave the watching to others. But there is a third option: the wireless camera. Unlike standard Webcams, our wireless camera automatically transmits recorded images by e-mail or saves them to a local memory card – ordinarily whenever an alarm has been triggered by a motion sensor or an image interpretation program. We offers now all of the components needed to build a fully self-sufficient wireless camera– all that is needed in addition is an ordinary USB camera.

The heart of the wireless camera is the embedded PC. This module is equipped with both embedded Linux and all of the components required for rapid image transmission via GPRS. Since the module can be programmed in any language – such as C, for example – customised surveillance systems can be set up with a minimum of effort.
The camera can be powered via a mains adapter or by solar cells. And of course a SIM card from a suitable provider is needed for e-mail image transmission. We offer a demo program and a free source code in C along with the camera components. The source code enables users to transmit recorded images in the JPEG format to any selected e-mail address. This gives developers an ideal opportunity to demonstrate the advantages of wireless camera to our customers.

Technical data of wireless camera

Content of the wireless camera starter kit

Mainbard, adapter board with wireless modules (GSM and GPS) and embedded PC, Ethernet-IP-Link, Linux source code, software development environment, cable RS232 to USB , cable CMOS to USB, cable D-Sub 9 Pin RS232, GSM-Helix-antenna, external combined GSM/GPS antenna, GPS-Patch-antenna, GSM-board-antenna , two  integrated GSM-antennas ,two coaxial cable, microphones, loudspeaker, LiPo battery 1350 mAh, source code for wireless camera and tracking device, access to User forum, access to free of charge tracking platforms .

EVK Wireless camera

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