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Embedded UTMS GSM GPRS or GPS Modules with RS232 interface on CMOS level (2,8 V) to develop own wireless based products.

Embedded UMTS GSM GPRS Modems (Terminal) with RS232 interface on V.28 level
(+/- 12 V) ready to use as a desktop modem or to connect to your PLC, RTU or any other machine with RS232 interface.

Vehicle tracking device VTU for sececurity protection and fleet management solutions.

Different GSM, UMTS, WIFI, GPS or combined antennas for vehicle tracking and telemetric application. Antenna connector and lenght of cable on customer request.
The picture shows some roof mounted GSM / GPS antenna with antennas.

Customized antenna cables for your wireless application.
The picture shows a antenna cable with MMXC right angle - cable RG174 - FME male
Other cables on customer request.


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