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New version of IoT M2M Cookbook

Latest version of IoT M2M Cookbook

In September I have written seven more pages. The latest updates of the book are inspired by my consultancy contracts and questions of the readers of the book. In October the book got ten more pages regarding testing of antennas with Vector Network Anakkyser.

4 antennas tested with MiniVNA Tiny

4 antennas tested with MiniVNA Tiny

End of September I spend one working day to get a personal training on VNA and Qucs by Dr. Silvio Kühn (CEO of Phasor Instruments) in Berlin. After that Wolfgang Schrader (CEO of antrax Datentechnik) checked four of their cellular antennas and forwarded the result to me. The SP1 files I loaded to Atyune and made the return loss visible. On top I started with playing with automatic generating of matching circuits by Atyune.
On 2th. of October I got a daily training on LT Spice. A simulation module for a switched mode DC/DC power supply on LT8614 I already have on my hard disk. The simulation includes a GSM module with its 2 Ampere peaks as well. I got the simulation module by Marco Abbondanzieri (FAE at Linear Technology).

My next task will be to integrate the graphs out of the LT Spice simulation to the IoT M2M Cookbook and upload it the simulation module to the download zone. This module you can use to learn and go ahead changing of parameters or replacing the DC/DC power supply with LT8614 to another one.

Coming soon (already in process)

Finished 06.10.2014

  • Quick Start Guide for VNA
  • Simple mesurement reports of antennas made with VNA
  • Enhanced reports of antennas made with VNA
  • Import of Touchtone (SP1) files to Atyune and optimisation of the antenna by mouse click. Atyune is a free of charge software to calculate antenna matching circuits automatily

The VNA with its Quick Start Guide, the test and optimisation of four antennas add already 10 more pages. Hopefully every reader of the IoT M2M Cookbook will able to calibrate and to check their antennas within a few minutes. The test report of the four antennas unearth the true. One out of the four antennas is not resonate in the promises frequency range. It is impossible to tune. However, the SP1 file of this painful antenna is like the other three tested antennas ready for download. You can download it and try to optimise it yourself.


  • Power supply simulation by LT Spice
  • Power supply simulation by Qucs

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